Before Your Surgery

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Consultation Before Your Travel

After contacting our breast enlargement surgery clinic you will receive a welcome e-mail with your registration number. Then, you will be asked to give as much specific data as you can. You will be given some information about the advantages and risks related to your breast surgery procedure of interest.

In the beginning, communication is mainly via e-mails. If there is enough information for the plastic or cosmetic surgeon, consultation will be carried out by phone. These consultations are equal to a having a personal examination. Then, based on phone conversation, you will receive a treatment quote. When you accept the quote, the cooperation and communication will carry on to arrange your travel.

If you would like to consult with the doctors responsible for the treatments there are two possibilities:

  • Consultation via email
  • Consultation over the phone. When you have the results of your blood test and the electrocardiogram, you will send the results via e-mail with a couple of pictures of the part of your body to be changed. Our doctors will be available on the phone to help you too. In this case, you can ask your questions and our surgeons will give you most detailed answers.

Preparation of the traveling – After summing up your requirements of your surgery, the date will be set. The plane tickets and your accommodation needs will be booked. The clinic has to plan your schedule for all the necessary medical preparations.

When the preparations are finished you will receive an exact, detailed schedule. Your schedule will include: the contact person’s name and phone number, the name and phone number of your personal assistant, the address and contacts of the hotel and the clinic together, the number of your flights and the times, the time and place of your initial check-up, the time and place of the operation, time and place of the follow up checkups, etc.

When you confirm the schedule, only your flight has to be booked and you can travel to your chosen destination.

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