Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation – Preoperative Information

Breast augmentation, enlargement of the breasts, breast lift are just some of the cosmetic surgeries mostly acquired by women. The procedure allow women to enhance the size of their breasts. Modern technology improved its effectiveness with a simpler way of procedure unlike before. The following were extremely popular surgeries for women and continuously gaining popularity. If you are planning to have a surgery, then there are some preparations that must be done before the surgery takes place.

In some cases, there are possibilities that breast augmentation is performed with breast lift. This results to a higher cost, if these two are combined, expect cost to increase.

It’s good that you as a patient consider having regular visit to your surgeon to gather pre-operative information. Pre-operative information is important, this involves initial consultation, discussion regarding the kind of implants, evalution of body type, height, weight and other health issues.

Patients will be asked to try on various size of gel inserts to determine how it feels having different cup sizes. The said gel inserts maybe weighed to get the possible weight between the breasts and implants. The surgeon will perform basic examination to know if you are in good health, both physical and mental. Based on the results, surgeons will confirm if you are a candidate to have this procedure.

The success of the surgery lies on the hand of both surgeon and patient. To be able to have good results, patients must search for a skilled surgeon. Popular surgeons usually ask for higher fees, if you are on a tight budget, you can search for cheap clinics that offer high quality service at an affordable cost. Some even travel abroad to get big savings! Planning to go on a trip? Why not combine a cosmetic surgery? When you get back, you’ll look better than ever!