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Our patients are saying…

“I was not blessed with large breasts, but after my surgery I was. I have gained so much self confidence and enjoy my body much more. One wouldnt think that altering your body could do this, but it can! The clinic was very good to me from the moment I arrived. Thank you so much for everything you all have done for me! Thankyou a million times over!”

Elizabeth T., 27, consultant, UK.

“Thank you! I am so happy with my new look. The recovery period went very well. I would recommend this clinic to anyone! It is worth the trip over to Budapest. The staff was brilliant! Thank you, thank you!”

Melanie B., 33, daycare assistant, UK.

“I have had large breasts since I was young. They have always caused me problems. This is the first time in my life that I am free from back pain and can breath properly at night. This is all thanks to the team in Budapest. The team has improved my quality of life. Thank you so much. I am in debt to you.”

Nancy T., 31, telecommunication. UK

“I love my new look. I look fantastic! Breast implants are a great thing and definitely look and feel real. Budapest was a great city to visit. We had a brilliant time over there. I highly recommend this clinic!”

Margorie B., 28, dancer, UK

“I was always unhappy with my small breasts. My clothes never fit the way I wanted them to and I felt shy with my body. I decided to have implants because I knew I would feel better about myself and I do. The procedure was very clean and the staff was professional. I loved the way the surgeons handled the whole procedure. I felt very comfortable the whole time.”

Tanya S., 25, Student, UK